50W Surround Digital Audio Amplifier HiFi 50W  B071ZPGVD1
50W Surround Digital Audio Amplifier HiFi 50W  B071ZPGVD1
50W Surround Digital Audio Amplifier HiFi 50W  B071ZPGVD1
50W Surround Digital Audio Amplifier HiFi 50W  B071ZPGVD1
50W Surround Digital Audio Amplifier HiFi 50W  B071ZPGVD1
50W Surround Digital Audio Amplifier HiFi 50W  B071ZPGVD1
50W Surround Digital Audio Amplifier HiFi 50W  B071ZPGVD1

50W Surround Digital Audio Amplifier HiFi 50W B071ZPGVD1

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It’s an electronic device that amplifies the potency of music and healing frequencies.



The amplifier not only plays your music much stronger but with a more balanced resonance (no distortions). Amplify your favorite sounds to experience a movie theatre like sound. It does this by increasing the number of electrons that pass through the cable.

Just connect it to your stereo or computer and turn up the dial to a level that sounds best for you!

It also plays sound directly from the amp itself with the help of a USB, SD, MMC & Memory chip reader as well as FM radio.

If you use it along with the Frequency Transmitter it has added benefits of avoiding the use of harmful wifi. There’s no more need to play your frequencies from your cellphone which also emits harmful EMF. Play everything from your memory chip, SD card or USB to easily facilitate the transmission of your frequencies for better health, achieve love or improve your relationships, generate personal and professional success or attract lots of money.



  • Frequency Transmitter  (Large- 40cm Diameter):

Using it with the Frequency Transmitter the coverage goes from 150 meters all the way up to a staggering 500 meters!

Which is a huge boost in manifestation power!

  • Frequency Transmitter Cley Hill (Small- 14cm Diameter):

Using it with the Cley Hill Transmitter the coverage goes from 50 meters up to 150 meters!

Which is not as much potency but more focused on a more spiritual conscious awareness.




  • Visible digital clock screen (makes it convenient to be able to see the time when you most need it).
  • Play directly from the amp itself! (makes it more practical for quick and diverse uses).
  • With SD, USB and Merory chip slot reader (make it much easier and less fuss to play your audios any time!)
  • It supports WAV, APE, FLAC formats with out losses in audio for a smoother and more inviting sound.
  • Listen to your tunes in a way never imaginable.
  • The 12V adapter makes it excellent for amplifying music in offices, clinics, supermarkets, or large places.
  • Useit with the Frequency Transmitter to stream your frequencies without having to use your cell phone that uses harmful waves.
  • With the Frequency Transmitter:
    • In biomagnetic therapies it makes the magnets physically vibrate.
    • Provides a micro massage with the vibration from the magnet place it near the injury or where you feel pain.
    • Avoid the use of pesticides in organic farming by transmitting frequencies that repel the pests naturally (without the use of harsh pesticides).
    • It helps plants grow better. (More nourished, more balanced and assists  photosynthesis and more efficient absorption).
    • Generates a stronger more solid energy field, this facilitates faster healing and a sense of wellbeing.
    • Effects can be perceived at longer distances and much stronger.



  • Your favourite music. (Normal music)
  • Rife frequencies.
  • Binaurals
  • Subliminals
  • Solfeggio Frequencies
  • Mantras
  • And much more!








    • Bluetooth 5.0

    Bluetooth 5.0 technology achieves stable and faster transmission speed. Widely compatible with more than 99% of devices such as phones, tablets, computers, TV, set-top boxes, CD players, etc.

    • Compatible with USB and TF card

    The amplifier has a direct reading function for the U disk and TF cards wich makes it convenient to enjoy high quality music. U-disk and TF card support MP3, WAV, APE, FLAC formats. (Cards are not included)

    • High fidelity and powerful sound

    Adopts classic TPA3116 chip, this maximum output power can reach 50W * 2. This is  enough for most passive desktop / shelf / indoor speakers (4-16o). The sound is clear and clean without any audible noise even at high output.

    • Unique and Elegant Design

    Small practical size and elegant  appearance, attractive chassis with LED display and power / mode switch, very suitable for use in home and desktop audio systems.


    • Type: Bluetooth power amplifier
    • Color: Silver
    • Quantity: 1 pc
    • Material: plastic + metal
    • Output power: 50W + 50W
    • Energy requirements: DC9V-24V
    • Bluetooth distance: at least 12m (unhindered)
    • Bluetooth type: Bluetooth 5.0
    • Speaker impedance: 4Ω-16Ω
    • Audio input: 3.5mm stereo input, USB audio input, Bluetooth 5.0, RAC input, TF card, USB input (can be connected to computer, mobile phone, OTG)
    • Support format: MP3 / WAV / APE / FLAC
    • Product size: 110x90x50mm / Length: 4.32inches Width: 3.54inches / Heigth: 1.97inches
    • Weight: 160g/5.64oz


    • Power adapter
    • 3.5mm Auxiliary cable
    • USB Cable
    • RCA cable for signal input

    NOTE: This amplifier is especially recommended for use with the Transmitter Antenna for optimal results.




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