Cobalt Vortex Pyramid

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Cobalt Vortex Pyramid

$45.00 $90.00 -50% OFF

Reorganized Auric Magnetism to focus Intention

Cobalt (from the German kobalt, derived from kobolds, the "Goblins" who, according to the Saxon miners of the Middle Ages, were spirits of the earth that had bewitched the ore, so that, although it looked like copper ore, it did not produce this element with the usual treatment. Cobalt is a ferromagnetic metal, bluish-white in color. Cobalt has been found in Egyptian sculptures and Persian jewelry since the third millennium BC, in the ruins of Pompeii (destroyed in 79 AD), and in China, in the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD) and the Ming dynasty (1368-1644 AD). It has a connotation of protection and connection with the elementals.

Magnetism is literally an omnipresent phenomenon: it is active in the small space of every atom in the universe, but at the same time it governs the functioning of the great galaxies. Specifically in the human world, there is a subtle magnetism that influences emotions and thoughts, and is directly related to even our most secret motives. The magnetic power of the immortal soul, when awakened, purifies all levels of magnetism of the individual aura, brings focus of consciousness to the plane of eternal life and influences and accelerates at the same time the awakening of others.

The citizen who does not have a strong will nurtures desires that point to different sides and goals that contradict each other. Thus his desires cancel each other out. The result is an aimless person, whose magnetic dispersion causes a loss of vital energy. But the magnetic citizen has his different magnetic fields - encompassing physical, emotional and mental "atoms" - pointing in the same direction. Thus he has the power to attract to himself, with a proportional force, a certain wisdom. An internally harmonized human group will have the same potential, but with greater energy. This fact is crucial for students of esoteric philosophy, although it must be remembered that inner harmony includes outer diversity, and that total uniformity extinguishes magnetic life. Life implies movement.



  • Tiger's Eye: It is a protective stone, It shows the correct use of power and makes us take out our integrity. Combine the energy of the Earth with the energies of the Sun to create a high vibratory state.
  • Cobalt: Creating a resistance effect to cobalt-60, it was widely used in external beam radiotherapy machines, which produced a beam of rays that were directed at the patient's body to kill tumor tissue. Cobalt therapy was a revolutionary advance in radiation therapy. Bronze Powder: Energy of the Projective Sun and is related to fire. It serves to attract money or healing.
  • Copper Coil: A protective element, it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, and has a great capacity to transmit spiritual energy, as well as the power to amplify thoughts.
  • 12 Point Star: Is the one that represents the time lived in harmony. Therefore it is one of the most complete stars, since it attracts abundance, favors spiritual well-being, attracts love and strengthens health.


Handmade (With lot of LOVE).
Approximate diameter: Height: 10 cm, sides of the base: 8 cm, edge: 9 cm.

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