Hypervortex Quantum Resonator

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Spiritual Well-Being and Harmony with the Natural Kingdom

It induces a magnetic field of micro electric currents flowing through the fractal coil / antenna creating a healing biomagnetic field.


  • Copper Coil: Protection element, it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, and it has a great capacity to transmit spiritual energy, in addition to the power to amplify thoughts.
  • 10-pointed star: It is an inverted pentagram on top of a right pentagram, which is the symbol of man as a star that is perfect, the inverted pentagon is a symbol associated with free radicalism and individual existentialism, which represents the law and order in the field of physics in relation to man and his spiritual well-being, as well as living in harmony with the natural kingdom that surrounds him and the appreciation of his generosity, allowing the prosperity of man.
  • Agrogram Quantum Resonance Plate (crop circle)
  • Bronze Powder: Used in rituals to attract money or for healing. Protective properties are attributed to goldsmith pieces made of bronze, to return negative energy to the originator.
  • Citrine: It has a great capacity to transmit spiritual energy, in addition to the power to amplify thoughts; progressively improve your self-esteem, enhance individuality and self-love, you will overcome states of depression, fears and phobias. Incorporates the power of the Sun, it never needs cleaning, absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and conducts harmful energy to earth, an excellent protector of the environment. Cleanses the chakras, raises self-esteem, enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind by amplifying the power of thoughts and fostering vital joy.


Handmade (With lot of LOVE).

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All of our orgone products contain special technology that protects living things from the harmful damage of 5G.

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