The Path of the Multiverse - Ivan Donalson - Physical Book (SPANISH)

There is a thin line between fantasy and reality. To find the truth it is necessary to know how to discern between the illusions of the mind and pure perception. In order to understand the teachings in this little book I recommend you read between the lines, I ask you to focus on teaching rather than on the form of narratives. To find the extraordinary, we must first observe the wonder of the ordinary, remembering that everything is perception.

Many times the answers we seek are in front of us, and it is precisely our desire for the extraordinary that prevents us from seeing the wonders that surround us. Every detail of existence, every form, every circumstance contains a great mystery; We live in mystery, perhaps the key to life is to surrender to it.

I also ask you to maintain an attitude of openness to be able to understand this little work that reaches your hands. Remember not to get lost in the stories, the key is to understand the essence of things. Sometimes imagination is necessary to be able to transmit what lies beyond the words. Nothing is what it seems to the naked eye.

This book is dedicated to the spirit of Quetzalcoatl and the great immortal wisdom of the Anahuac, to Guru Rimpoche. to all the Dharmapalas, to all the Dharma holders who spin the wheel of liberation and to each of the hearts of all living, visible and invisible beings that populate the multiverse.

Ivan Donalson
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