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Add a piece of the most powerful crystal on the world inside your Device


It is very important that you indicate us to wich pendant or device this Moldavite will be added, in other case we would be adding it randomly to any device you have purchased


Throughout history and even prehistory, Moldavite has been considered a spiritual talisman, has been used in jewelry and crowns of European royalty for hundreds of years. Tibetans venerated this stone placing it over their heads and attributed to it a heavenly origin. One of the most interesting examples is Egypt, where Moldavite has been found in the Great Pyramids and tombs. The connections between the Egyptians and the constellations Orion and Sirius are well known. This stone is related to the energy of fire and was also known as the "Stone of Ra". It is also linked to the Philosopher's Stone, Shantimani and Shambala. It is rumored that Muhammad brought 3 pieces and placed them in Mecca. King Solomon had some, and is also said it was present at the Excalibur Sword. We can find its name in Sanskrit: "Agni mani" meaning "pearl of fire." It has also been known as "The Emerald fallen from Heaven ", so it is speculated that ancient civilizations such as Atlantis already used it, and the Emerald Tablets of Hermes (Thoth) were actually Moldavite. Other legends say the Chalice Sacred or Holy Grail was not gold, but was made up of a green gem that fell from Lucifer's crown when he descended from heaven to hell, driven by the force of a blow of the sword of the Archangel Michael. Moldavite represents the angelic power that Lucifer had before falling into disfavor because of his ambitions. This also confirms that the Moldavite can not be used for purposes other than light. The purpose of the Moldavite is the "Transformation of Consciousness for the New Humanity". The most important period for this Planetary and the Human Being Ascension is between 2012 and 2021, so its effectiveness and value will be felt significantly in this period. Whoever possesses this gem, will be provided with the process of awakening and expansion of consciousness in order to assume the vibrational changes that are occurring in this area. The fears will dissolve and we will begin to handle new paradigms of life. Moldavite belongs to Storm element, which represents a profound transformation, cleaning and change at all levels and Moldavite completely fits that reputation. Besides using Moldavite in meditation and dream work, it can be used in jewelry. Wear it all day keeps its energies in our vibrational field and a number of beneficial power in our daily lives synchronicities. Moldavite also offers an energy of spiritual protection. When you are in resonance with its high frequency vibration, negative energies or entities can not connect or engage our field. Moldavite is used to facilitate the interdimensional communication, it connects you with the divine source and your essence of being. It is a catalyst that accelerates the processes of connection and reconnectionraises the levels of consciousness and their effects on the lives of each one of us should not be underestimated. Moldavite is one of the most important tools we have received to prepare ourselves for the transformational changes that are taking place towards a new humanity. 

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