The Crop Circles are a mystery to human beings. Why are the crop circles here, and what do they mean?

The purpose of the crop circles transmissions (and the star glyph inside) is to bring information to the public about the highly mystical and technical aspects of the interpretation of these geometric images.

 The crop circles are fractal formulas of light and sound frequencies encoded into this third density (or third dimension) as tools for ascension. They are created by the means of light and sound technology interacting with the collective mind. Starships and the Galactic Federation carefully monitor crop circle projects as well as the results of humanity using the blueprints as means to create new technologies.


These crop circles were put here to assist beings to activate the cosmic and soul DNA within all sentient beings - as well as the physical DNA to activate potential psychic or telepathic abilities.

The blueprints within these crop circles will expand the brain’s neurosynapses - when we create and harness the energy inside of the blueprints. This happens when the circles are viewed through the iris and connected to the brain - or heard through the ears connected to the brain - or, when we implement the vibrational signature of the crop circle into pranic devices which amplify the codes within the crop circles.

All of geometry has angels, which are actually frequencies vibrating within time space. What we call Sacred Geometry might as well be called Sonic Geometry. The geometry within these crop circles contain data which has the potential to upgrade the ENTIRE collective consciousness into higher vibrational densities of experience and creation. 

The benefits of connecting with the energies of the crop circles and their blueprints includes the clearing of old negative thought patterns, activating your soul DNA (just as your genetic body has a DNA, your soul has a DNA) and expanding your consciousness beyond what you as a third-dimensional being of light conceived possible during this long dark age of the human soul – the phase that is known as the separation of the oneness or the age of dichotomy.


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🌎 Crop circles are scientifically proven to be manifestations of energy under intelligent guidance. Over 80 eyewitnesses since 1890 describe them to be made by tubes of light in less than fifteen seconds. The evidence for crop circles as a genuine phenomenon is found in Freddy Silva's book Secrets In The Fields and throughout this site, whose factual research provides an antidote to deliberate falsification of the genuine phenomenon by skeptics, hoaxers and their allies in the media. • • 🦋 Contrary to popular perception, crop circles are not a modern phenomenon. They were witnessed by policemen and farmers as far back as 1890, they exist in the folklore of South Africa and China, and are mentioned in 17th Century academic texts. Around 1980 they re-appeared as simple circles and rings in southern England, where 75% of designs are reported. By the late 1980s they developed into pictograms, not unlike the petroglyphs found at sacred sites. After 1990 the designs developed exponentially in complexity, and today the crop circles display as fractals and elements expressing fourth dimensional processes in quantum physics. • • • • • #alien #cropcircles #metayantra #moldavite #crystals #healing #reiki #dope #instagood #amazing #love #wonderfull #beauty #fitness #run #creation #real #forever21 #river #nature #psychedelics #dmt #salvia

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This polarization and contrast we experience was part of the holographic drama enacted by necessity - meaning the universe has infinite possibilities - and in this dimension we are in: the Creator is using all of our experiences of Bliss, Love and Joy, to war, hunger and poverty; like a feedback - to upgrade the entire Universe and all the densities or dimensions of existence to a more harmonized state. The ancient prophecies speak of the return to oneness; the age of enlightenment is upon us.

Crop circles are geometric fractal patterns housing mathematical formulas. Everything that exists is a fractal of a geometric pattern – and the crop circles are those geometric patterns. The star glyphs within the crop circles are a star language of light and codes for these "activations" or upgrades.

By linking the crop circles and the star glyphs found inside of them by  to mathematical formulas, music, vibration and magnetism: We are able now tap into and  dissect just exactly what these blueprints hold: We begin optimizing the activation of the DNA - implanting the crop circle technology into devices, pendants; as well as upgrading technology. 

Allow yourself to take this information in on a cellular level. Do not expect yourself to understand all the aspects and mysteries contained in this transmission. Experience it, emanate it, vibrate with it and ingest it – by doing so, you will serve humanity immeasurably.

Combining meditation with the star glyphs and crop circles will assist in the activation of the divine potential to receive this information and activate the creative consciousness within humanity’s collective consciousness. The collective mind is a powerful force that forms the dream field within the third-dimensional reality. The effect of engaging in this process will make quantum evolutionary leaps in the collective mind of the planetary essence.

When opening up your consciousness to the patterns and their energies, interpretations and transmissions will spark within you, and the collective mind. It is most important to remember to come from your heart in all matters; it is the profound power of unconditional love that is the catalyst for all universal transformations.

Each person who reads these interpretations and meditates on the star glyphs and crop circles will be assisting in the evolutionary process of the collective mind-heart. Once activated, it will permit the transmission of the technical data necessary to accomplish these various evolutionary processes. We must seed the collective mind with expanded potential.

As the human species evolves, more and more of you become aware of extraterrestrial assistance. In your third-dimensional minds, you tend to oversimplify the cosmic plan and the intergalactic involvement in the dynamics of this precious planet.

Crop circles are messages from your star brothers and sisters, who are assisting this multidimensional, evolutionary journey. There are other valid interpretations of these crop circles. The scientific community often discovers an equation, a scientific theory or what appears to be an answer to a mystery. Unfortunately, they then: set it in stone and claim it is the only answer. The universe does not work that way. There are multilevel facets, interpretations and answers to one single equation or scientific explanation.