Tower Busters are small Pranic devices that transmute local Deadly Frequencies Energy into Positive Healing Frequencies. They are the size of a hockey puck - and placed all around homes, yards, near cell phone towers or wherever Negative Frequencies Energy is present. 


TB’s or “Tower Busters” are used all over the world by people to neutralize the negative EMF effects of cell phone towers, microwave relay stations, electrical substations, nuclear power plants, etc. Bury or hide one or several of them near the source of the radiation to clean up your region of this pollution.

Tower Buster

Use these to clean up waterways or to supercharge your garden---yes, plants love and thrive upon the purified energy coming from these devices. Place them along the outside walls or property line of your home or apartment to absorb the negative effects of WiFi and cell phone radiation from your neighbors.

They are great for eliminating harmful EMF frequencies which have a negative effect on our nervous system - which leads to mental, physical and emotional diseases.

The devices are comprised of epoxy resin, quartz crystal and metals. The compressed minerals and crystal create an electro-static charge which attracts negative energy. The energy is converted from negative to positive in the process and the metals project the energy back out - constantly purifying the surrounding area. 

Place these under your bed, in your office, or even carry one around with you. The results are very noticeable especially within the subtle energy body.