Quantic Resonator Devices have copper plates and special circuit boards or specialized metal-geometric shapes installed in them; for the purpose of reflecting and imprinting energies of a specially selected designs - may the design be a crop circle printed onto a circuit board, or forming metals into special geometric shapes.


The copper plate works like the reflector part of the  antenna. It will reflect the energy resonating out of the circuit boards, crop circles or metals and it will allow the energy to imprint on our bodies.

The energy of the geometric design printed onto the circuit boards becomes imprinted onto our bodies. By using crop circles designed on the circuit boards, we are literally imprinting the coding of the crop circle into our body and spirit. 

Also, these resonator pieces are a powerful source of negative ions. Positive ions oxidase, deteriorate and break down organic matter - like fruit left outside will experience oxidation or decompose. This is what makes us age, externally and internally - and makes us more vulnerable to sickness, while lowering immunity.

Negative ions on the contrary help us. Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

These Quantic Resonators are amazing generators of negative ions - as well as imprint us and our surroundings with specific coding from the selected design of the printed circuit board or the metal formed into specific geometric shapes.

Inside of most of these Pranic Devices are Printed Circuit Boards. 
These circuit boards are printed with special designs on them.

The designs on the Circuit Boards vary. Some have Crop Circles with Star Glyphs or advanced coding printed on them - Crop Circles contain Star Glyphs which hold advanced mathematics and codes of the Universe which can assist in the Soul's growth evolution - as well as assist in the preservation of our Planet.

Some printed circuit boards have certain-special Geometric patterns which have grand effects on the subtle energy body - inducing alignment of energy centers.

The piezoelectric electrical energy from the compressed quartz courses through this circuit board - which imprints the mathematics within the design into and around us. The metals around the circuit board resonate the frequencies out stronger.

There are also crystals placed in the center of the Circuit Board, or around the Circuit board to help harmonize and balance the coding being imprinted into us and our environment. Each piece is unique - and each design on the circuit board has a specific code.

The picture above shows the coding within the crop circles. Some years ago during the summer of 2000, a NASA Project Manager by the name of Alan Holt visited Wiltshire, and decided to look at a few crop pictures. Humorously he “put out the thought in a crop picture, somewhat as a test but really a request, that he would like to see a crop pictogram appear, which could provide some insight into the direction he should pursue in his advanced transport / field physics research activities” Two days later, a spectacular diagram of the “magnetic field near a bar magnet” appeared at Avebury Trusloe.

These Crop Circles and forms of Geometry are literally transmissions from beings existing within different levels of harmonic resonances (meaning we can not see them physically because their atoms and molecules vibrate at a different rate.) 

We suggest researching the specific crop circles or geometric pattern within the the pendants - and find out what it could mean and do for you. There are multiple answers and facets to the great mystery of life, there is never one answer - and the best answers are the ones we come up with based on introspection, experience and forming healthy cosmologies of the Universe.

Pranic Devices have limitless uses. Each piece contains different crystals, geometry, and metals which effects us and our environment in different ways. However powerful the intention we walk with is, determines how powerful the manifestations of that intention becomes. By carrying these pieces - we are granted very special naturally occurring energies which aid in our abilities to create, co-create, elevate and manifest. There are infinite ways to use each device - just as there are an infinite amount of intentions and possibilities within the Universe