Crystalline Vibrations

Humans have used crystals or quartz for thousands of years. Most are created in the bowels of the Earth, however there are others such as the fulgarita that is born from the sand struck by lightning, whose crystals seem to be gifts from the Gods.

Crystals store the record of the Earth's development over millions of years, it could be said that it is the DNA of our Planet. They are extremely effective in boosting energy and cleaning space by creating safe environments to live, work, love and play.

Activate the power of quartz!

Ancestral history

They are ancient healing tools. In most ancient cultures they are considered sacred. Some have been used as cosmetics for over 40,000 years. In Egypt around 1900 B.C. newborn babies were protected with Lapis Lazuli, Jasper, Carnelian and Turquoise. Tutankhamun used Libyan gold as protection in the afterlife.

Crystalline structure

The internal molecular structure of any quartz is constant and fractal, depending on its shape, this is how quartz can be classified into different types. Each type of quartz is classified into families depending on the impurities and contaminants located between its atoms. Although crystals can be formed from the same mineral, each type crystallizes in a different way, giving rise to quartz with different capacities and Energetic characteristics.

Crystal Protection

Crystals affect all levels of your being. Illnesses are signs of emotional and spiritual disturbances or blockages. Healing is just a matter of bringing yourself back into harmony and facilitating the evolution of your soul. Crystals or quartz are the ideal tools to achieve that balance in all energy and emotional aspects to keep you healthy on a physical and mental level.

Crystals need to activate

All quartz has its own vibration, stores cosmic rays, and has its own frequency. To activate a quartz it is necessary to place it inside in a magnetic field or to pass an electric current that makes it vibrate.

Take full advantage of the power of quartz