Patrick Flanagan New Orgone Cosmic Sensor Pendant
         Improve your health
and overall physical

Ancient Pyramidal Energy

The beneficial aspects of pyramid geometry are mentioned in ancient vedas, provides relief in a plethora of diseased conditions, such as asthma, arthritis, cancer, gangrene, hernia depression and schizophrenia, jaundice, hepatitis, weak liver conditions, muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, trigeminal neuralgia, epilepsy, gall and kidney stones, malfunction of heart valve and choked artery etc. All places of worship are constructed with pyramid and dome synthesis. This particular cone shaped geometry has the amazing power to attract all available energy particles from its surroundings. This is the reason why a person experiences soothing effect once he/she enters any place of worship, whether temples, mosques, churches, synagogues or gurudwaras.

Egyptians were the pioneers in this field. They were the first to employ pyramids for preserving dead body cells. Mayans usually performed religious rituals and ceremonies in pyramidal structures.
 The creation of this universe itself is in pyramid geometry. 

Pyramid energy generator

It is a unique energy tool designed to balance energy systems, relieve stress, normalize the nervous system, and increase feelings of joy, peace, vitality, promote well-being. It is designed around a powerful network of vortex antennas.
This is a discovery of Gillis Patrick Flanagan, a nuclear Mathematical Physicist. As a result of a long investigation of pyramid radionics energy, it's able to handle bio-cosmic subtle energy. It is based on the mathematical progression of Fibonacci.

Orgone Energy Evolved

It operates with pyramid energy and orgone evolved energy, therefore the field of energy that emits is exactly equal to which generates the Giza pyramid,  harmonic and inoffensive therefore integrates at the same time the sacred auric section or golden point. 
For an excellent operation, it is printed on copper perfectly, it's widely used for hundreds of practicing people in the Radionics field around the world.  

Real Orgonite
Technology Improvements

The Orgone Energy Cosmic Sensor is the result of 30 years of development by Patrick Flanagan and Metayantra. With intensive work on Computer-Aided Design Programs. In 2008 it was complete. The geometric shapes of the sensor are not only drawn or calculated but accurately laser engraved. This sensor produces temporal and spatial coherence in fields, multifractal dimensions and organizes in harmony. It is tuned in Phi transcendental number. This Cosmic Sensor is a vortex according to the dimensions of the sacred geometry. It contains a spiral vortex in the golden section. It really generates holographic, multi-dimensional vortex. 


Tests Performed

The bio-energy field of the person is a kind of "energy plan". Authors Barbara Ann Brennan and many others believe that our physical body follows this blueprint and harmonizes the energy field and attracts positive changes to the physical body itself. 
PEB is a technology that can register changes in the bio-energy field. A test for this Cosmic Sensor examined these changes after 1/2 hour to over 2 hours wearing the sensor. 
Summary of the test: 
In addition to changes in cellular energy level, the evaluation that the use of the sensor  also captures deep layers of the human energy system: The partially massive changes of the curves show that through the sensor also have a profound impact on systemic-psychological field result. All shown in the tests indicate compensatory changes, supportive and energetic influences on local, systemic and global levels. 

Cosmic Sensor 16 Vortex Pendant
The uses and benefits of the sensor will be:  
  •  Delays aging 
  • The action of the pyramid produces a refill of energy of the body  which revitalizes the agency with greater dynamism, mental health and optimism. 
  • Neutralizes the highly harmful  electromagnetic emissions for the human body, Like cellphone, microwave oven, television, etc.
  • Reduces or eliminate the pain. Headache, colics, molars pain, ears, migraines, with just contact with the part affected.
  •  Avoids the oxidation of fruits and vegetables due the contact with air
  • Gives us a protection field around our body.  
  • Placing a sensor in the cash register or with our money bring us wealth.
  •  The sensor is optimized to meditate.
  • Placing it in our forehead induces our brain into alpha wave state.
  • Place it Under your pillow to recharge your brain.
  • Induces a refreshing and deeper sleep in less time. 
  • Intensify sexual activity 
This Sensor disc irradiates  same benefic energy as a 30 feet high pyramid!!!  
Here are some amazing  real Testimonies:
 Milo Craig 27 nov 2020
 “Beautiful piece, from the first time I began using it I felt its presence, much recommended! (People always notice it)”
Cassandra 21 feb 2020
“Thank you💜💜💜 sending love back. I appreciate the work you do. Gracias 💜💜💜 enviando amor de nuevo. Aprecio el trabajo que haces.”

Hugh 12 mar 2020
“Great piece. The energy is strong, but in a good way. Still working with it. Came before expected. Thanks!”
Kenneth 29 may 2020
“I absolutely love this energy orgonite Cosmic Sensor Plate!”

Shannon Anderson 11 oct 2019
“When I took it out of the package to acquaint myself with it the energy was intense. I then connected and put my intentions in. So far it feels to be working well. I did order the purple but I got the glow in the dark which is cool and probably something that needed to happen.”
Bentotage Fernando 28 nov 2018
🧘🏼‍♂️ Lovely, good finish,👍🏽
 Jennifer Sandoval 07 nov 2018
“I LOVE IT! The owner is very nice and so easy to work with. Excellent customer services”
'' Dear, Today I recieved the package sent by you, and all is well...Thank-you for your generous knowledge and excellent products. Should you continue to expand your product line, please send me a notice as I am very pleased with your service and products and would purchase from you again...Respectfully Ricardo '' 
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