Miraculous Noah St Jhon'S Health Afformations. Amazing Results! Powerful Subliminal & Binaural

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Miraculous Noah St Jhon'S Health Afformations. Amazing Results! Powerful Subliminal & Binaural

$3.33 $8.00 -59% OFF



Isotronic binaural tone 3.5 Hz
Unity, perception, DNA stimulation

In carrier of Isotronic 528
DNA repair. Immunity, cell wall

Isotronic Binaural Tone 3.84 Hz
Frequency associated with the stomach.
Associated with the ovaries, brings vitality.

In 432 Hz carrier
Harmonic and natural "A" scale tuning. Music played in 432 tuning is more pleasant, brighter and easier on the ears. It promotes meditation and relaxed states, and the tuning as a whole resonates with the heart chakra. Used by
ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks, and in some music classics (example - Giuseppe Verdi).

Isotronic Binaural Tone of 5.8 Hz
Reduces fear, reduces mental activity (reason), reduces dizziness.

On 396 Hz carrier
Releases Guilt and Fear

Isotronic Binaural Tone 7.5 Hz
Inter-awareness of self and purpose; Guided meditation; Creative thinking for art, invention music, etc.; Contact with spirit guides for guidance; Entry into meditation; To 7.5 HZ subjects who previously suffered from confused thinking reported an ease in finding solutions to problematic problems after a re-evaluation was conducted.
Frequency of the Earth's magnetic field, useful frequency of theta waves (brain).
theta waves (brain)

On carrier 420.82 Hz
Moon: love, sensibility, creativity, femininity, anima

For better results you can use this Binaural Frequency with a Metayantra resonator, more information here: https://gtly.ink/GiIxgEA2V

What are the Afformations?

The Afformations method was created by author Noah St. John. The idea behind afformations is that if you ask the right questions, you are eliminating limiting beliefs and bringing the true affirmation into your conscious mind because you forced the mind to search for the answers, not because you forced yourself to believe that affirmation.The difference between an affirmation and an afformation is in the way we focus on what we want to believe. An affirmation is a positive statement, while an afformation is a question about that statement that empowers you. When we ask ourselves the right questions, we are programming the mind to seek the answers.


💪 Why am I so healthy ?
💪 Why do I love my body ?
💪 Why am I happy when I look in the mirror?
💪 Why am I the perfect me?
💪 Why is my natural state so healthy?
💪 Why is my body working so well ?
💪 Why is my heart working perfectly ?
💪 Why are my kidneys healthy ?
💪 Why are my organs working as they should and in harmony with my body?
💪 Why am I so grateful to be so healthy and sound?
💪 Why am I so fortunate to have the body I have?
💪 Why is everything in my body in perfect health?
💪 Why am I so strong?
💪 Why do I have abundant energy every day?
💪 Why do I love my beautiful and healthy body?
💪 Why does my body treat me so well?
💪 Why did God make me so perfect?
💪 Why is my body a gift from God?

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