7 Archangels Quantic Resonator Bracelet.
7 Archangels Quantic Resonator Bracelet.
7 Archangels Quantic Resonator Bracelet.
7 Archangels Quantic Resonator Bracelet.

7 Archangels Quantic Resonator Bracelet.

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Summon the Creative Power of the 7 Archangels 

Dimensional communication bridge bracelet that allows us to access and communicate with angelic energy.

Archangel which means, "superior being", or Prince of the Angels.

The august Seven Enlightened by the light of the Trinity were those who elaborated the worlds at the command of God. They are the Mysterious Seven that all cultures mention with different names. They are called in India The Seven Sons of Aditi, also in other places in the East are the so-called Seven Spirits in the Sun. In Christianity and Islam they are the Seven Great Archangels.

Although they are entities of great power in spirit, they take care of the order of the planets and these constitute their kingdom. Formerly, it was recognized that around the 7 Powerful Sons of God revolved the 12 Creative Hierarchies, which are the 12 Constellations of the Zodiac, hence the foundation of mystical astrology.

The Archangels are close and always have been. It is time to look at the sky, whether day or night, they are there, among the clouds or in the stars, their spirits shine reflecting the divine light.

CHAMUEL - It is the ARCHANGEL OF LOVE and corresponds to the pink ray.
GABRIEL- It is the ARCHANGEL OF THE ADDRESS and corresponds to the ray of the white color.
JOPHIEL- It is the ARCHANGEL OF LIGHTING and corresponds to the yellow color.
MIGUEL- ARCANGEL OF PROTECTION. It corresponds to the blue color.
RAFAEL - (Labiel) is the ARCHANGEL OF THE CURE. The name of the archangel Raphael means "The healing power of God."
URIEL - The ARCANGEL URIEL is the ANGEL OF PEACE and corresponds to the purple ray and the gold.
ZADQUIEL- It is the ANGEL OF JOY and corresponds to the violet ray.

It contains:
* Citrine: Solar energy, aura enhancer, creativity inducer, cleaner.
* 7-pointed star: It symbolizes Protection and Balance.
* Quantum Resonance Plate with the 7 archangels
* Leather bracelet in sizes 16,18,20 and 22 cms

• Handmade item.
• Aprox size of the Orgone piece: 0.9".
• Made by order, specially for you.
• Handling time aprox 1 week, shipping time will depend on the method chosen and could take from 10 to 30 business days, depending on customs and airports traffic.

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