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Highly protective and beneficial crystals for strengthening the will. Beautiful golden yellow color, recognized as a powerful manifestation tool. Its name is related to where they are found in the Libyan desert in particular, in a region of the Great Erg or sand sea. This yellow glass has been dated by scientists and is said to be more than 28 million years old, it was discovered in 1930. It is very pure, rich in silica, and many stones contain particles of sand dunes inside, some pieces are also reported to contain iridium. Since the beginning of this century numerous researchers have staked their bets on the hypothesis that these 30 million year old crystals were formed by the impact of a large meteorite.

The healing properties of Libyan Desert Glass relate to its effectiveness in all the lower chakras, where its golden light is known to be highly effective.

Although it has a strong resonance within the solar plexus chakra, this stones energy is potent within all chakras.

It enhances or enhances creativity and can stimulate those with the gift of clairvoyance to have stronger gifts. They have metaphysical properties to aid in the manifestation of abundance and prosperity. It instills a sense of happiness, joy and love of life.

On a physical level it treats stomach problems, including irritable bowel syndrome.


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