Device for Spiritual Regeneration
Device for Spiritual Regeneration

Device for Spiritual Regeneration

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Device for Spiritual Regeneration

Opening of Heavenly Doors.

 The 8-pointed star represents rebirth, renewal and spiritual regeneration. The octagon, which is the geometric figure we obtain from the eight-pointed Star represents the union between the Earth and the sphere, that is to say the spiritual, the sacred world and the supreme order, the ammonite helps this celestial energy to flow and distribute In your space and your being.

 It contains:

* Ammonite: It has a very strong energy that can change the energy of any space to a much higher and better quality. The constant movement and circulation of energy is generated creating a fresh, dynamic and unstable stability in space. For the shamans, this fossil favors the contact with the elements of Nature, especially Mother Earth, and facilitates the connection with episodes of the past (both from previous and present existences), which require resolution by the subject.

* Brass coil: Mostly music, energy resonance and secrets are associated

* The 8-pointed Star: It is the door of heaven.

• Handmade item.
• Materials: Magnet copper wire, quartz, resin.
• Aprox size: 2.2".
• Made by order, specially for you.
• Processing time approximately 1 week, the shipping time will depend on the method chosen and could take 10 to 30 business days, depending on customs and airport traffic. We ship on Fridays.

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