Hanuman Protector from the harmful influence of Saturn 14k gold, silver and copper coil

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Super Powerful Tool in Achieving Anything
It will Change Your Life!

Hanuman is the monkey god, and the son of the Lord of the Wind.
Lord Hanuman is known for making the impossible possible.

It is said that Hanuman has a pact with the planets, particularly with Saturn. For those who don´t know much on astrology, Saturn is known as the planet of Karma. This planet doesn’t make things easy for us, as Saturn makes us work hard and persevere for things in life and it also represents guilt, resistance and delay. The pact that was made was to mitigate or soften, and even eliminate the effects of all the planets (including Saturn) upon our lives. And to burn out planetary karma. Allowing us to be free creators.

He was also blessed at birth with a gift, one from each of the 33,000 divine beings (devas), which makes him a very powerful and multifunctional god in all aspects of support.


A mantra is extremely powerful because it combines specific sounds together to make celestial sentences. These sounds charge-up a person’s magnetic field allowing them to vibrate higher, for those who chant them.

By reciting the Hanuman mantra, we can accomplish anything we set our mind to do. Whether it is:
• Healing
• Love
• Abundance
• Anything Your heart Desires!

The Hanuman Chalisa mantra is a 40 verse stanza and is known as one of the most powerful and auspicious songs in India.

Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa daily offers numerous benefits, even if just listening to it without chanting.

The benefits you may feel can be anything from: mental, physical, spiritual, as well as other worldly forms.
By reciting this mantra daily you receive the rewards, blessings and powers of all types of wishes (big or small) which may be fulfilled.

Through the continuous and regular recitation of this hymn, the blessings and grace of the glorious powers will be obtained. The lives of those who recite it will be filled with joy and happiness.

If you follow astrology and believe in the effect of Kundali, you must be fully aware of the power of Saturn. In astrology, Saturn is considered to be the most powerful planet in the entire system. It’s believed that if your Saturn is strong you will be happier and richer, but as soon as your Saturn changes its path, your life will be destroyed.

There exist two common effects of Saturn in Kundali named:
1. Shani Sade Sati
2. Shani Dhayya

Shani Sade Sati is considered more harmful than Shani Dhayya.

Sade-Sati is the 7.5 year period of Saturn (Shani). This astrological phase is highly feared by those in India who give credit to Indian Astrology.
According to those beliefs, this is a period with many challenges. In one school of Vedic Astrology, this is a problematic time for those individuals going through it.
If Saturn is located in bad houses, you may face challenges that reflect this bad location.

Another astrological transit related with Saturn is the Dhayya (2.5 years), also known as the Little Panoti (Little Problem/Trouble).

Vedic astrology says that these two are dangerous periods, but more so the Sade-Sati.

The Hanuman Chalisa is the most important key to reduce the negative effects of Shani Sadi-Sati.


This device maximizes the power of the Hanuman mantra:

  • HEALING: Heal someone or yourself of an illness or discomfort.
  • LOVE: Find the love you’ve always wanted but haven’t had success in finding.
  • REJUVENATION: Reverse the effects of premature aging.
  • SUCCESS: Recognizing opportunities when they arise and achieving all your goals.
  • MONEY: Remove blocks to allow more cash to flow easily into your life than you can ever imagine!
  • HEALTH: Although we never think about our health until we lose it. Never have to depend on medical doctors for the maintenance of optimal health for life.
  • INTUITION: Open your Third Eye and Increase your intuition and knowingness.
  • Helps one get rid of all kinds of problems, fears and negative energies.
  • Infuses one with unlimited energy and Prana.
  • Helps with the malefic effects of Saturn and Sade-Sati.
  • Helps small children get rid of scary and fearful thoughts.
  • Gives you power and strength in challenging times.
  • And more….



  • This device includes a copper plate with a double-sided cosmic sensor, one with a powerful circle cut against the influence of Saturn (front) and the great Sri Yantra (back).
  • Behind these two plates we have a colored image of Hanuman Chalisa to protect you from the damage of Sade-Sati on the inside.
  • 64 pointed Vortex coil (8x8).
  • 1- 24k Gold coil.
  • 1 Silver coil.
  • 1 Copper magnet coil.


  • 1 large and 4 small Moldavites (It includes a large energy crystal that’s completely certified, that’s very rare and difficult to get).
  • 8 Pearls.
  • 8 Lapiz Lazulis.
  • 8 Sapphires.
  • 2 Garnets.
  • 2 Onyx.
  • 4 Tiger Eyes.
  • Black Tourmaline Powder.


  • 1 large and 4 small Moldavites:​

These stones are for:

​-Accelerated Spiritual Evolution.
​-Inducing Astral Projections.
​-Interacting with the Cosmos.
​-Neutralizing Hypnotic Commands from devices.
​-Spiritual Protection.
​-Integrating the Heart and the Mind.
​-Helping in Past Life Regressions.
​-Providing visions.
​-Helping in the Development of Psychic abilities and skills.
​-Positive Vibrations.
​-Helping Align the path to your Destination.
​-Expel Negative Entities from your Aura.
​-Balancing Relationships in your Life.
​-Properties of Relaxation and more.

  • 8 Pearls:

​It’s the symbol of:

​-Loyalty and Justice.
​-Absorbs Negative Energy.
​-Calms a Person.
​-Indicates Innocence, Purity and Modesty.

  • 8 Lapiz Lazulis:

​-It´s a spiritual stone used to guardian angels or spirits.
​-It recognizes a spiritual attack by blocking it and returning it to ​​​its origin.
​-It harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ​​​​levels providing them with a deeper inner knowledge when ​​​​balanced.

  • 8 Sapphires:

​-It´s a stone of Love, Commitment and Fidelity.
​-By stimulating the brain, it enhances learning as well as lucid ​​​dreaming.
​-Resonates in the Throat as well as the Third Eye Chakras.
​-Are of great value of use when one is working on developing ​​​psychic abilities.

  • 2 Garnets:

​-Known as the stone of Transformation and Transmutation.
​-It allows for Transcendence into a new level whether physical, ​​​psychological or spiritual.
​-Garnet is also known for its use as creative energy.
​-Roots spiritual forces within the body and helps in the ability to ​​​work lovingly on the physical plane.
​-It is a stone of strong and intense feelings.

  • 2 Onyx:

​-Promotes vigor, strength and perseverance, helps to learn ​​​​lessons by imparting self-confidence.
​-Helping you to be in harmony with your environment.
​-A Protective Stone, due to the way it repels and diverts negative ​energy.

  • 4 Tiger´s Eye:

​-Helps overcome difficult stages of our lives.
​-Helps maintain perspective in difficult situations.
​-A Protective Stone.
​-Shows the right use of power and helps achieve our goals.

  • Black Tourmaline Powder:

​-It is par excellence a protective stone capable of dissipating all ​​​kinds of negative energy.
​-Even those intentionally directed by black magic or bad feelings ​​​like envy and hatred.

  • 24 Karat Gold Coil:

​-Associated with the Sun Gods, offering of deities, Symbol of ​​​Wealth and Success.
​-Carrying gold on top continuously increases personal power.
​-Courage, trust and willpower.
​-It is said to extend life and promote health.
​-Its solar brightness protects and serves as a mirror against ​​​negativity.
​-It is also a symbol of wisdom and serves to enlighten the mind.

  • Silver Coil:

​-Calms the emotions during the New Moon and activates them ​​​during the Full Moon.
​-It has a great influence on psychic abilities.
​-It is considered a direct channel to the subconscious mind.
​-Sleeping with it on causes psychic (lucid) and visionary dreams.
​-It is also an ancient protector, subtle but effective.
​-Silver-plated ritual daggers are also used to consecrate the ​​​Goddess and ritualize it.

  • Copper Coil:

​-Another elelment of protection.
​-Excellent conductor of electricity and heat.
​-Great ability to transmit spiritual energy.
​-Powerful in amplifying thoughts.

  • 64 points:

​-Represents new ideas and new ways of doing things.
​-This number means self-sufficiency.
​-People who resonate with this number are very independent ​​​and focus on achieving their goals, which are usually related to ​​​the well-being of their family.
​-They usually do things alone, but they do it for the well-being of ​​​their family.







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