Linker of the Web of Everything, Tree of Viking life Yggdrasil


Linker of the Web of Everything, Tree of Viking life Yggdrasil


Union of being with The Void of Everything,

Quantum entanglement

The divine is manifested in nature, the human being is a part of it. The divine is inside. Magic is an esoteric science par excellence. To practice this magic is to recognize a particular energy in all things that exist, including trees, animals, minerals. All things are connected to each other by the simple fact of existing. Existence is an etheric and cosmic “network” that unites and communicates all Things and all beings. Being part of this "network" we are one with all beings and all things, necessarily every action influences everyone. The magic is connected to that "network" in order to produce a certain effect. The event can be experienced in the behavior of peers, also for the entire globality, since all forms part of the “network” represented in the Nordic symbology by the tree of world or life, Yggdrasil, and particularly associated with the Eihwaz rune or Eoh, mysterious rune linked to the secrets that surround life and death.



  • Sodalite: It allows joining logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception while stimulating the third eye and deepening meditation. Infuse a desire for truth and an idealistic impulse, enabling you to be true to yourself and defend your beliefs.
  • Brass coil: Mostly music, energy resonance is associated And the secrets.
  • Copper coil: Protection element, is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, and has a great capacity to transmit spiritual energy, in addition to the power to amplify thoughts.
  • Nickel Coil: It is a lightweight metal associated with willpower and intellectual humility.
  • The 20-pointed Star: Symbolizes the search for a new path, moment of change and renewal.


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Approximate diameter: 5.5 cm.

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NOTE: The materials are volatile, they can be arranged in random ways, the COLOR MAY VARY DUE TO THESE REASONS, the arrangement of the micro metal particles cannot be controlled.

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For better results you can use this Binaural Frequency with a Metayantra resonator:

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