Orgone Heart of 24 Vortex
Orgone Heart of 24 Vortex
Orgone Heart of 24 Vortex
Orgone Heart of 24 Vortex
Orgone Heart of 24 Vortex

Orgone Heart of 24 Vortex

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Connection with your Higher or Subconscious SELF

Through the practice of meditation, a deeper understanding of the Supreme Consciousness, the ultimate subject of knowledge, the pure Self, is revealed. The observer of all our thoughts, emotions and sensations; witness both the mind and the universe in its internal and external dimensions. The Heart of the human being and the Heart of the Cosmos are one, the Heart is unlimited.


  • Citrine: It has a great capacity to transmit spiritual energy, in addition to the power to amplify thoughts; progressively improve your self-esteem, enhance individuality and self-love, overcome states of depression, media and phobias. Incorporates the power of the Sun, it never needs cleaning, absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and conducts harmful energy to earth, excellent protector of the environment. Cleanses the chakras, raises self-esteem, enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind by amplifying the power of thoughts and promoting vital joy.
  • Copper Coil: Good Luck, physical-Astral connection, alignment of subtle bodies.

• Handmade.
• Approximate diameter: 4.3 cm.
• Made to order.
• Processing time approx 1 week, shipping time will depend on the method chosen and could take from 10 to 30 business days, depending on customs and airport traffic.

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