Quetzalcoatl Quantum Resonator With Moldavite

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Transformation of Consciousness for the New Humanity

Quetzalcóatl represents a high level of consciousness, The quetzal is the symbol of the spirit, the bird that defeats gravity. - The snake is the symbol of matter. The animal that crawls in the material world and where it uses its power. Quetzalcóatl represents EQUILIBRIUM. The huehuetlahtolli, are the advices that Quetzalcóatl left to his people before leaving and that put a lot of emphasis on rectitude, humility, and of course, balance.

The most important period for this Planetary Ascension and of the Human Being is between 2012 and 2021, so its effectiveness and value will be considerably noticeable in this period. Whoever possesses it will facilitate the processes of awakening and expansion of consciousness to be able to assume the vibrational changes that are taking place in this sense.


  • Copper wire: protection, excellent electrical conductor, transmits spiritual energy and is a thought amplifier.
  • Copper plate or "Quantum Resonator" with Crop Circle energy.
  • 14 Pointed Star: can mean movements, changes or transition. This number is a symbol of confrontation, perhaps the necessary motivation to start a change or face some adversity that will need all your inner strength to overcome it and achieve a goal that you were looking for or looking for.
  • Moldavite: (7 pieces) Stone of transformation, accelerates spiritual evolution, inducer of astral travel, interaction with the cosmos, neutralizes hypnotic commands, spiritual protector, integrates the heart and mind, helps in past life regressions, gives foresight, helps in the development of psychic abilities, positive vibrations, align the path to destination, expel negative entities from your aura, balance relationships in life, relaxing properties ... and more.

Handmade (With lot of LOVE).

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