Renassaince crop Circle 13 Vortex


Renassaince crop Circle 13 Vortex


Consciously and Physically Experience Multidimensionality

This world creates and operates under the system of beliefs, where everything centers through positive or negative thought ... but still positive thinking is under the control of the ego. What's good for one may be bad for others. When you decide to be reborn in this same life, many things change and continue changing forever. Some have chosen to retire or remain unchanged, as they are not yet ready to be born again in the same physical body, because the processes that are required for this transformation are truly enormous and very complex. However, a few, decide to stay, for among other things consciously and physicaly experience the multidimensionality. If you achieve to learn what's new from this new perspective, both death and life, will no longer be any mystery to you because you will get to understand that both are one and the same thing. The old ways of relating and feeling, will be transformed substantially. Be patient and be aware of what is really happening to you. Be lovingly responsible. You are saying goodbye to who you are not any more. Although in the day to day you can not clearly understand all part of a Greater Purpose, and what you have wisely chosen from your higher self. Continue to reborn, continues to arouse and trust! Everything is as it should be. Renaissance energy helps you to leave behind absolutely everything old. You reborn after the death of your old programming; now you have a new way. Move towards your goal.



  • Citrine: It has a great capacity to transmit spiritual energy, in addition to the power to amplify thoughts; progressively improve your self-esteem, enhance individuality and self-love, you will overcome states of depression, fears and phobias. Incorporates the power of the Sun, it never needs cleaning, absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and conducts harmful energy to earth, an excellent protector of the environment. Cleanses the chakras, raises self-esteem, enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind by amplifying the power of thoughts and fostering vital joy.
  • Copper coil: Good luck, physical-Astral connection, alignment of subtle bodies.
  • Nickel coil: It is a lightweight metal associated with willpower and intellectual humility.
  • 13 points star: The number 13 is the symbol of death, but we don't have to see it as the "total destruction", we have to see it as a change, a stage of transformation that may be associated with the arrival of a much better period of life, According to numerology, it has a very prominent power to be able to change anything in life. However, in order to do so, it is necessary to undertake hard work and above all, honest.


Handmade (With lot of LOVE).
Approximate diameter: 4.3 cm.

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NOTE: The materials are volatile, they can be arranged in random ways, the COLOR MAY VARY DUE TO THESE REASONS, the arrangement of the micro metal particles cannot be controlled.

This product is handmade, therefore we try to ensure that your product is as similar to the one that appears in the images, but it will also come with its own uniqueness as it is a unique piece.

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