Rudraksha's Japa Mala

The japa mala or Buddhist rosary is a string of 108 accounts that also has a guru account, an empty account (also called a stupa) and a plume. The bad one allows the meditator to count mantras with his hand while he recites them, his symbolism also allows him to use it as a ritual and mental training object. All these elements allow the practitioner to approach their spiritual ideals in a very accessible and powerful way.
Japamālā in Sanskrit comes from jap (murmuring or whispering) and mālā (garland), so its full meaning would be, a garland that allows the practitioner to murmur prayers.
Rudraksha: Wearing a Rudraksha creates a balanced activity of neurotransmitters, levels of dopamine and serotonin that are evidenced by the positive transformation in the personality of the one who uses them.
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