Rebirth Enlightenment Device



4.3 cm 5.5 cm 6.3 cm

Rebirth Enlightenment Device



4.3 cm 5.5 cm 6.3 cm

Connects you to Time Travel Information

Bring Peace and Universal Synchronicity to your world 

Crop Circle at Buckle Street, nr Pebworth, Worcestershire, United Kingdom.

Reported 26th May  2014

The Sared EIGHT

The number eight symbolizes regeneration, spiritual rebirth, a new beginning. It is one way to solve the squaring of the circle, an alchemical process devised to “extract the ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ in its purest state.”  Eight is the sacred number of the Great Goddess of Life and Immortality and of Venus as the goddess of fertility. The figure eight represents infinity as well as ‘the blending of conscious and subconscious: knowledge and love, action and reaction, evolution and involution, etc.’

So, our Buckle Street cogwheel is on its own in the field of barley. It has a centre that could accommodate an axis for rotation. All it needs to become the driving force for  a NEW setting in motion is our willingness of the NEW BEGINNING, our faith in the possibility of turning disastrous ways playing out in the world around, and our commitment to following the natural impetus to LIFE. We must align ourselves with the Life Force. 

Put in a few words:


Time Travel Relation

Check out this presentation of Andrew Bagasio about time travel. Andrew explained he has undertaken time travel experiments since his childhood under the auspices of Project Pegasus. He explains the project uses eight methodologies for teleportation through time. People related to time travel investigation have had a dream about a pale yellow limousine with eight Wheels.  This new Buckle Street formation seems a logical follow-up to the things learned from the presentation. As if it refers to the eight distinct methodologies of time travel that are already developed decennia ago and in use here on earth, kept secret for the general public.

      Andrew Bagasio tells us that one of his main motives for coming forward is that our oil based traffic methods have almost reached their limits, both by time as by space consumption.

Sacred Geometry Analized

Geometric work regarding Buckle Street, Crop Circle with covering text

Playing with the concept of The Tetractys which is a mystical symbol, is very important to the secret worship of the Pythagoreans. It is a good way to begin when working with sacred geometry. This picture in the left bottom corner is a sketch that reminds us of this crop circle. If we expand on the sketch and found some amazing qualities. The "e-base of the natural logarithm", defines all continuously growing systems in the Universe. All Timing and Spacing are governed by the base of "e."  If you start at the Center Node and spiral outward, it takes 48 turns. When you connect the nodes it creates a 36 square with a diagonal of 6 counts in both directions. Then created 8 circles and radiated them outward making sure that there was a base of 1 square that separated them from the center circle that encloses the nodes.

Peace Message from Another Dimension

The Star Extractor:

The unequal angular spacing for some of these “ball bearings” could be intended to represent “circular motion” as suggested by the movie below:  

A second and entirely different interpretation was suggested by George Freund (see He suggests that this new crop picture may represent the “star extractor” from a revolver:  

Could the crop creator be an “extractor” from the “stars”? In order to gain more insight into this simple but enigmatic crop picture, we studied its landscape imagery using Google Earth. Quite remarkably, it was drawn in the field just below a “large bird” in the landscape

I awoke with the message. It was EJECT or better understood as STOP. Don't let it happen again. EJECT your bullets. Don't fight. The message was very clear to me. My colleague last night is an ex-cop too. He is a top philosophy student as well. He saw the extractor star right away. The money power establishment want to get us in a war. The aliens say don't do it. 


The Cosmos RelationShip

The whole cosmos is in the move. There is a constant change, not only in movement but also in change of consciousness including your own consciousness.

So we must proceed in expanding our own consciousness, to climb the next step which means to show a progress in mind-power and thinking and not only the progress in technology! 

A ball bearing makes it possible for a shaft to rotate very smoothly in a 'housing'

 "Look, the time, the room, the mind is 'moving on' like a rotating ball bearing".

Because of the eight balls around a centre point I asked myself: What is connected with the number eight in our solar system?

And I have found only this, the phases of the moon:-


  • Citrine: It has a great capacity to transmit spiritual energy, in addition to the power to amplify thoughts; Improve your self-esteem progressively, enhance individuality and self-love, you will overcome states of depression, fears and phobias.
  • 8-Pointed Star: Represents rebirth, renewal and spiritual regeneration The octagon, which is the geometric figure that we obtain from the eight-pointed Star, represents the union between the Earth and the sphere, that is, the spiritual, the sacred world and the supreme order.
  • Nickel wire: it is a light metal associated with willpower and intellectual humility.

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